* incredibly and demonstrably secure!

A superior solution for email security providing protection and access-control for sensitive documents in-transit, internally or externally.

Maintain full custody and control. Track forwards, views, prints, downloads, and all other actions.

Manage consents, authentications, watermarks, Bates numbering, and geo-location rules.

Custom policy templates reduce costs and comply with GDPR, GLBA, Privacy Shield, Communications Act and other regulatory, privacy, and security use-cases.

What Makes DocEx Different?

Leverage Existing

Do you REALLY need one more storage system?

DocEx is NOT a storage company. DocEx works with your existing storage systems (hard drive, network, cloud, etc.). With DocEx there is NO need to add another security breach risk and one more data sync process.

Complete Visibility

Do you know WHO is reading the sensitive documents you send?

Using the DocEx live dashboard, you will monitor and protect critical content distribution in real-time. Act on violations immediately and proactively, and save full compliance.Using our LIVE enterprise dashboard, monitor and protect your critical content distribution in real-time. Act on violations immediately and proactively. Save full compliance reports and keep auditors at bay.

Custom Security

How many vendors do you need to get the security YOU want?

DocEx delivers over 300 security features to create appropriate security templates. Consolidate security. Reduce risk. Streamline administration.

Purpose-Specific Packages

When were you worried about JUST ONE document?

With DocEx, you take control of the entire document package from the beginning to the end. You can create purpose-specific packages containing only relevant documents and adhering to your internal directives.

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