DocEx for Corporations

DocEx offers solutions for DISTRIBUTION of enterprise class SENSITIVE content.  In addition to distribution, DocEx offers real-time visibility of both content and distribution. This enables enterprises to proactively address issues before they become problems.

Your organization is probably finding a way to send documents today. How many old copies of documents are sitting waiting to be confused in an inbox or on a personal thumb drive? How many Dropbox and Box accounts have your users created and who is accessing them right now?

Avoid risks of adding one more storage solution to your stack:

  • Cloud storages introduce additional potential points of breach for your sensitive content.
  • Cloud storages also introduce a new system of storage that requires investment technology and business processed to ensure conetnet is in sync.
  • DocEx offers real-time visibility across your organization so you can detect issues before they become major challenges.

Maintain document control without opening your internal security:

  • Rapidly share documents without having long internal IT security authorizations.
  • Avoid thumb drives and unsecure, unaudited platforms like Dropbox or Box.
  • Manage versions and updates, knowing everyone is using the right document.
  • Expire and rescind document access based upon business processes.

Apply the flexibility and power of DocEx to your business processes:

  • Financial Audit
  • Litigation & Legal Matter Management
  • Regulatory Audit
  • Regulatory Filings, Discovery, Response
  • Contract Management
  • General Licensing
  • Vendor Management
  • General Compliance
  • Financial Asset Management
  • Investor & Board Communications
  • Commercial Real Estate Management
  • Vendor Sourcing & Procurement
  • Global Talent Vendor Management (HR)
  • Case Asset Divestiture & Acquisition
  • General Project Financing

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