DocEx for Law Firms


Remember When Security and Risk Were Not a Consideration?

Your firm has been sharing documents with clients, experts, investors, opposing counsel and many others for years. When email became the preferred transmittal format, we thought business would be easier. Unfortunately, sending sensitive documents by regular email is fraught with danger. Do you have full visibility into who is accessing your documents? Have the documents been forwarded, and to whom? How many Dropbox and Box accounts have your users created and who is accessing them right now?

With DocEx you will:

  • Track exactly who viewed which documents.
  • Know with certainty if the document package was forwarded and to whom.
  • Set access expirations, revoking external access to documents, and download compliance reports for audit trail.
  • Monitor content distribution in real-time throughout your firm, so you can detect issues before they become major challenges.

Avoid the risks of adding one more storage solutions to your stack:

  • Retain the document storage/management systems you already have in place, eliminating the need to retrain users.
  • Eliminate the risk of adding unsecure processes into your infrastructure.

Maintain document control without relying on your internal security team:

  • Create workflows and templates enabling users to rapidly share documents.
  • Avoid thumb drives and unsecure, unaudited platforms.
  • Manage versions and updates with confidence.
  • Expire and rescind document access based upon practice specific processes.

Apply the flexibility and power of DocEx to your processes:

  • Protective Orders: Prevent disclosure of sensitive information except to specific individuals and under defined conditions.
  • Contract Management: Manage distribution of legal pleadings, discovery documents, and contracts containing confidential information.
  • Intellectual Property and Litigation: Control IP distribution, preventing theft and accidental dissemination.
  • National Security and Foreign Trade Regulation: Protect distribution of national security information supporting global collaborations.
  • Securities Law, Litigation, and SEC Enforcement: Prevent theft and accidental distribution of sensitive materials during the investigative phase.
  • Tax law: Prevent disclosure of tax information and meet data sovereignty and information security requirements.
  • Labor and Employment: Securely share sensitive employer and employee information with only appropriate parties.

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