DocEx for Life Sciences

Life Sciences has been changing and so have your document sharing needs. The days are past when all of your documents stay under one roof on the same network or in the same document management system. More than ever, Life Sciences companies need to share content between external resources such as labs, clinical research organizations and contract manufacturing.

Your organization is probably finding a way to send documents today. How many old copies of documents are sitting waiting to be confused in an inbox or on a personal thumb drive? How many Dropbox and Box accounts have your users created and who is accessing them right now?

Stop emailing content and losing the security and compliance of your documents. Track and control documents beyond your firewalls with DocEx.

Maintain document control without opening your internal security:

  • Rapidly share documents without having long internal IT security authorizations.
  • Avoid thumb drives and unsecure, unaudited platforms like Dropbox or Box.
  • Manage versions and updates, knowing everyone is using the right document.
  • Expire and rescind document access based upon business processes.

Apply the flexibility and power of DocEx to your business processes.

Clinical Site Activation:

  • Distribute clinical documents and updates to investigator sites in a timely manner.
  • Track site responses and enrollment, along with reminders and alerts based upon.
  • Integrate site study data in eTMF and Document Management systems.

Safety Document Distribution:

  • Ensure timely delivery for safety reports to clinical sites.
  • Full reporting and compliance to show notification within regulatory standards.
  • Build in back-up processes and notifications for non-delivery.

Business Development & Vendor Management:

  • Visibility on CRO progress and up to the minute status on clinical enrollment.
  • Own the process, the system and the content; reduce billing hours or errant fees.

Clinical Study Startup:

  • Accelerate site recruitment and activation.
  • Accelerate patient recruitment and enrollment.
  • Control contract and budget negotiation process.

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