Enterprises increasingly allow the use of multiple endpoints for business purposes. Without an enterprise solution being provided, users become creative in synchronizing data to each of their devices, resulting in increasing information sprawl.” — Gartner

The Problem

Enterprises and professional service organizations, large and small, regularly share sensitive documents with external parties: clients, regulators, vendors, partners, etc. The compliance policies and rules of engagement required for each use case vary widely, and change frequently in today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Managing and tracking how sensitive data is shared is costly, complex, and—above all—risky. Every organization uses a host of network storage systems, personal and enterprise clouds, and multiple file management systems. To make matters worse, sensitive content can be accessed from multiple devices.

The average cost per incident of insider fraud is $412,000, and the average loss per industry is $15 million over ten years.
In several instances, damages reached more than $1 billion.1

Consumer-grade file and sync solutions in wide use today are simply not suited to the sharing and security needs of businesses, particularly as the use of mobile devices accelerates. Without a rigorously established, consistent and enforced approach to sharing confidential documents, organizations leave themselves vulnerable to:

• Unauthorized document sharing
• Fraud and insider breach
• Theft of intellectual property (e.g., trade secrets, strategic plans, and other confidential information)
• IT sabotage and espionage

How are you sharing sensitive content with external parties? Do you have complete visibility? Do you have the technology, resources, governance controls, and procedures to address compliance issues and to address risks of uncontrolled sharing?

The Solution

Today’s file sync and share solution will have to accommodate
an astounding breadth of document collaboration scenarios, each of
which requires a different combination of factors.” — Forrester

DocEx delivers secure document distribution.

DocEx is an enterprise-class document distribution solution designed for companies and firms with multiple sets of policies for sharing sensitive information with outside parties.

 DocEx works with any type of data storage: hardware, software or cloud.

 DocEx is completely configurable for different distribution needs and use cases.

 DocEx is user-friendly and intuitive, for both document senders and recipients .

 DocEx provides real-time visualization of content distribution.

 DocEx delivers enterprise-class, end-to-end security.


The Benefits

You’ll know your sensitive documents are being shared appropriately, in full compliance, no matter who the sender(s) or recipient(s) are.
Thanks to real-time monitoring, you can proactively address issues before they become problems.
You won’t need to replace or duplicate your current data storage systems. DocEx is storage agnostic.
You’ll reduce the administrative and implementation costs associated with monitoring, updating and controlling sensitive document sharing.